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Monday, January 3, 2011

Get A Fast Merchant Cash Advance And Business Cash Flow Loan in Canada

A merchant cash advance for business cash flow continues to grow and become more widely used in smaller sized firms in the Canadian business environment.

Smaller Canadian firms who do not have major investments in receivables and inventory do not have the financing alternatives enjoyed by their larger company counterparts. Larger corporations use the concept of securitization as a method of financing working capital and enhancing balance sheets. This type of sophisticated financing allows firms to improve liquidity and satisfy lender loan covenants.
Smaller firms, usually do to cost, lack of financial sophistication, and size are unable to utilize such alternative financing. Additionally, in the current 2009/2010 financial environment many firms are struggling with their ability to maintain bank credit facilities, let alone increase them!

The discounting of future sales, for cash today , allows firms to convert working capital into immediate cash. This comes with a cost which we will also discuss.

It is critical to note that when a firm sells, or factors, or discounts (they all mean the same thing) they retain no ownership or interest in the future sale .

Depending on how the merchant advance facility is structured they may or may not have responsibility for the ultimate non- collectibility of the account. Lenders address that issue in a variety of manners.

Smaller companies in Canada aren't able to enter to large multi year arrangements, with lower costs, that would allow them to achieve the benefits of a true securitization.
But ... ! .. you can sell sell future sales under a discounting agreement. This can be done with a minimum of cost and deals can be structured uniquely to the customers situation, and their is a lower cost and no reliance on lawyers, advisors, etc.
If used on a regular basis the merchant cash advance discounting process continually generates new working capital, allows the customer to generate better rates as time goes on, and, most importantly, relieves the financial stress of managing working capital.
It is very important to note that smaller companies have some distinct choices that on occasion the larger firms don't have. They can on a one time basis, or periodically choose to utilize this alternate financing method.
Ultimately the business owner does have to pay back the lender or generate sales that will allow the repayment .
Typically the costs in business cash flow financing vary greatly. Rates range from 1.5 - 3% on a monthly basis. Most customers view this as an ' interest rate ', while the lender tends to view it as discount rate.
Generally the facility can be set up in a couple of weeks! We have seen our clients set up a facility in a matter of days !
As we can imagine it takes the larger corporations many months (and many thousands of dollars) to set up their large dollar securitization facilities.

In summary, more and more firms are turning towards a merchant cash advance business cash flow loan to manage their working capital and liquidity challenges.
Firms are strongly advised to search out experts in this area who know the Canadian marketplace, as it differs substantially from the U.S. environment in this unique method of alternative financing.


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