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Friday, August 9, 2013

Canadian Business Credit And Finance Solutions And Alternatives

Business Financing Challenges Giving Your Sleep Deprivation?

OVERVIEW – Information on canadian business finance alternatives . Credit solutions come in both traditional and alternative vehicles

Business finance in Canada. We recently (yesterday) read that 73% of all businesses in the U.S. were generally ' optimistic ‘about their business and the economy. These types of articles often mirror the Canadian situation. When it comes to us though it seems we're more often than not meeting the other 27% , who are somewhat less optimistic and , in the case of our article, find themselves in ' stall '
mode when it comes to access to traditional lending solutions.

The irony though is that the demand for financing seems there all the time when it comes to businesses in the SME sector, and alternatives to any sort of traditional lending are being more and more welcomed by Canadian business. As we have often said to clients ' alternative is the new traditional'.

In that same article it indicated 36% of all businesses applying for some for of financing in fact were declined by the banking system. The harsh reality in Canada is that if you are unable to meet fairly straight forward requirements of our banks (profits, clean balance sheets, outside collateral, etc) you are often not in a position to get any or all of the financing you need to grow revenues.

And talk about being negative, but 2/3 of business owners who didn’t bother to apply for financing behaved that way simply because they were sure they were going to get declined!

The majority of businesses that try to access debt or working capital do so for the right reason, they wish to grow their business, expand facilities or upgrade assets either technological in nature or in the shop/plant. As they are successful in doing that they traditionally then have more working capital and cash flow needs.

So if you the Canadian business owner of financial manager are looking to grow sales and access forms of capital what then are the options?

In Canada they include:

Receivable financing

Equipment financing / sale leasebacks

Working capital and cash flow loans - Secured and Unsecured

Non bank asset based lines of credit

SR&ED tax credit financing


Purchase order/ Contract financing

Being successful in any aspect of business finance includes the following -

Knowing the type and amount of financing you require

Being able to predict and assess your real cash flow

Understanding the benefits, risks, and implications of any type of access to capital that you're considering

There is no one specific ' how to ' when it comes to the various complexities of growing your business when it comes to choosing the right financial solution at the right time. Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you in navigating the frothy seas of cash flow, debt, and working capital finance in Canada.

Stan Prokop - founder of 7 Park Avenue Financial


Originating business financing for Canadian companies , specializing in working capital, cash flow, asset based financing . In business 10 years - has completed in excess of 80 Million $$ of financing for Canadian corporations . Core competancies include receivables financing, asset based lending, working capital, equipment finance, franchise finance and tax credit financing.
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