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In 2004 I founded 7 PARK AVENUE FINANCIAL. At that time I had spent all my working life, at that time - Over 30 years in Commercial credit and lending and Canadian business financing. I believe the commercial lending landscape has drastically changed in Canada. I believe a void exists for business owners and finance managers for companies, large and small who want service, creativity, and alternatives.

Every day we strive to consistently deliver business financing that you feel meets the needs of your business. If you believe as we do that financing solutions and alternatives exist for your firm we want to talk to you. Our purpose is simple: we want to deliver the best business finance solutions for your company.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Small Business Financial Advisor - Canada

What Does A Commercial Loan Brokerage Do?

Here's What You Need To Know

A business financing advisor in Canada may well never be needed by your company, but that is provided that you and your team know everything about business financing in Canada, have credible funding sources, as well as having all the time in the world to explore traditional and alternative business finance solutions to run and grow your company !

Most business owners and their financial mgrs would agree there is significant value in not wasting internal resources and people time when you are looking for business financing when you lack all the experienced need to close on business finance needs.

Over time, and trust us we don’t know why, we have come to dislike the word ' loan broker ' , ' business loan broker ' etc . In reality we confess at the same time that we see everyone uses a mortgage, insurance or other type of broker to get a qualified, credible ' best deal '. So the middleman approach clearly has value to the consumer. Does it have value to a business? We think so, and at 7 Park Avenue Financial we've proven to hundreds of clients that we have a track record of business finance success.

Businesses require financing needs are in various stages of their life history; they might be in ' hyper growth ' mode , or at the unfortunate opposite end of the spectrum ' financial distress '. In some cases firms might be looking to complete business acquisition financing , or to augment their working capital and cash flow facilities . Revolving business lines of credit are often needed in order to finance the build up of accounts receivable and inventories as your sales grow.

All of the above types of business finance need the right data, help and expertise to identify the solutions best fitted to your firms needs. We always point out to clients that there is no ' one size fits all ' and in fact many industries require specific types of financing .

You could make a case that a good business finance loan advisor is in fact a ' business doctor ' of sorts , recommending and executing on the right ' cure ' for your business finance needs.

The right business loan advisor firm will allow you to get the answers you need on business finance solutions that fit , and , even more importantly pinpointing finance alternatives that your firm may not be aware of , or had not considered.

Naturally there are some that might tell you they can assist in those business finance solutions but in fact might not know of what they speak ! Therefore the right choice of Canadian business financing advisor can make or break your success in Canadian business financing for new or refinancing capital.

Qualifications for a Business Loan Advisor :

What they should your firm be looking for in the search for the right funding advisor ? We're pretty sure it’s intuitive, but we speak to so many clients who feel either burned or let down by past experience. So focus on some key areas such as the advisor number of years in practicing what they do. Do they have solid credible contacts? At 7 Park Avenue Financial all Canadian banks and even government finance institutions refer clients to us.

References are of course critical , and with the internet you can Google anyone in business with a reputation and determine a lot about the quality and reputation and credibility of that firm or person. Remember, you're entrusting them with your financing in a very confidential way, and that's important.

Don't settle for generalists also, focus in on someone who can deliver on the specific financing you need.

Key Areas Of Business Financing :

Business Acquisition Loans

Working Capital and Cash Flow

Asset Based Lending

Franchise Loans

SR&ED Tax Credit Financing

A/R Financing / Confidential Receivable Finance

You ultimately want to feel comfortable on sharing information with this person or firm, reviewing pitfalls, and most importantly, ensuring your firm is represented professionally and credibly with respect to it's business capital needs.

So, call them anything, but call them. A Canadian business financing advisor, a loan broker or intermediary, a capital broker, loan broker etc.

Focus on trust, credibility and experience !

7 Park Avenue Financial :

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Business financing for Canadian Firms , specializing in working capital, cash flow, asset based financing , Equipment Leasing , franchise finance and Cdn. Tax Credit Finance . Founded 2004 - Completed in excess of 100 Million $ of financing for Canadian corporations .

' Canadian Business Financing With The Intelligent Use Of Experience '

Stan has had a successful career with some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations.
Prior to founding 7 Park Avenue Financial in 2004 his employers over the last 25 years were, ASHLAND OIL, ( 1977-1980) DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, ( 1980-1990) ) CABLE & WIRELESS PLC,( 1991 -1993) ) AND HEWLETT PACKARD ( 1994-2004 ) He is an expert in Canadian Business Financing.

Stan has over 40 years of business and finance executive experience. He has been recognized as a credit/financial executive for three of the largest technology companies in the world; Hewlett-Packard, Digital Equipment and Cable & Wireless. Stan has had in depth, hands on experience in assessing and evaluating thousands of companies that are seeking financing and expansion. He has been instrumental in helping many companies progress through every phase of financing, mergers & acquisitions, sales and marketing and human resources. Stan has worked with startups and public corporations and has many times established the financial wherewithal of organizations before approving millions of dollars of financing facilities and instruments on behalf of his employers.

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